Tuesday, September 6, 2016

TV Watching

I'm watching my Acorn addon to Amazon Prime, and it is nice to have some extra shows to watch in my favorite genre.

I think it is worth it to have this broader selection, since who wants to watch shows they are not really interested in? That is what happens with much of TV networks -even PBS, especially when they are drumming up funding, and even a Netflix account.

I have found a few more shows that are worthwhile Mystery/Detective. I didn't get a chance to review Wallander properly, and the Swedish version is very good, with Krister Henriksson playing the leading role. I liked it better than the British version actually.

I read that Henriksson has played this show for almost a decade, which makes me think I have not seen all the episodes possible. It is necessary to have English captions, but this can be true for some British shows if you are an American!

The newest thing I am watching is a French mystery that is likened to Broadchurch which I thought riveting as it made its twists and turns. Once I got used to David Tennant playing the morose lead detective instead of cheery Dr. Who, that is.

I am posting here, since TV shows, particularly the detective mysteries, have been the topic I have been writing about for  Hubpages in recent months. I don't yet have enough shows to collate into a lineup of TV hound suggestions, but I'm working on it!

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I sometimes watch on my laptop, but most of the time I like using the big screen!

As they say in TVland: Stay Tuned.
Hey! Are there any shows you love on Amazon Prime? Let me know of something worthwhile ( you know: good acting, interesting sets or scene, etc